Gateways Board of
Directors Listing

Atty. James Dietz,

Dianna Mason,
Vice Chairperson

David Eyster,

Angelo Perruzzi,

Darlene Eddinger
Ruthanne Grant
Christine Klika
Barbara Kostelic
Mary Ellen Kovalchik
Michael Leone
Greta Magazzine
John Morvay
Steven Snyder

ICF/DD Group Homes

Real Independence from an ICF/DD Facility

Real Independence From an ICF/DD FacilityReal Independence from an ICF/DD FacilityGateways to Better Living's ICF/DD facilities encourage skill development and present constant learning opportunities to give individuals a fun, healthy and nurturing environment. We help individuals develop character, ability and a sense of purpose through interaction and specialized training.

By allowing our individuals to make choices about their days and by encouraging community involvement, we offer a healthy atmosphere with specialized day plans from our highly trained Life Skills staff.

An Established Facility with a History of Service

An Established Facility with a History of ServiceAn Established Facility with a History of ServiceMany family members look for an ICF/DD facility with longevity and a history of expansion in order to make sure that the facility will continue to operate for years to come. For four decades, Gateways to Better Living has provided services for people with mental, physical and emotional disabilities.

We pride ourselves on our patient, knowledgeable Life Skills staff, and our individuals see notable benefits by interacting with our staff members every day. Our approach differs for each individual because of our specialized, individual-specific approach. All of our individuals are different, and we adapt our schedules to adequately address those differences.

We frequently organize recreational and leisure activities that inspire growth. Our staff members provide constant positive feedback that encourages development and interactivity, helping your family member enjoy self-confidence and a positive outlook.

Easier Family Interaction

Easier Family InteractionEasier Family InteractionWhen your family member lives in an ICF/DD facility, you should feel welcome to visit and interact with them. Our Life Skills staff understands the importance of a flexible visitation schedule, and we offer an active communication network for easier access. We stay in touch with family members to share updates and keep you involved in your loved one's development and day-to-day life.

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