Gateways Board of
Directors Listing

Atty. James Dietz,

Dianna Mason,
Vice Chairperson

David Eyster,

Angelo Perruzzi,

Darlene Eddinger
Ruthanne Grant
Christine Klika
Barbara Kostelic
Mary Ellen Kovalchik
Michael Leone
Greta Magazzine
John Morvay
Steven Snyder

Waiver/Supported Living

Waiver Services from Gateways

Socialization and Community InvolvementSocialization and Community InvolvementAs a certified provider of Level 1 and Individual Options (IO) waiver services, Gateways offers day habilitation, personal care, transportation and other essential services to individuals with mental and physical disabilities.

Our expert Life Skills staff is dependable, reliable and extensively trained, and they emphasize individual support to encourage a healthy, happy lifestyle. Our waiver services include:

  • Household Assistance
  • Personal Care Assistance
  • Health Assistance
  • Socialization and Community Involvement
  • Behavioral Support

Our Life Skills staff often provides several types of care for each individual. Whether our staff members are helping individuals maintain their independence, providing 24-hour on-call nursing or organizing sports and other leisure activities, they always provide a nurturing, patient environment for our individuals.

An Expert Staff and a Caring Approach

Waiver Services from GatewaysWaiver Services from GatewaysWe see each day as an opportunity to support our individuals and to help them develop as unique persons. Our Service and Support Coordinators develop and supervise a master plan for each individual that emphasizes appropriate life skills. For example, one individual's plan might focus on basic homemaking routines, while another might include vocational assistance and development.

The Service and Support Coordinators lead the Life Skills staff, giving each staff member the necessary training for day-to-day interactions with individuals. Staff members are extensively trained to meet each individual's needs as appropriately as possible.

Every Life Skills staff member is trained to provide a full range of qualified care and support services. Our staff might help an individual read a book, wash dishes, talk about each day or carry out choice-making activities for healthy, happy development.

We hire staff members who are patient, knowledgeable and prepared for the demanding work hours that often accompany waiver services. Contact us today for more information about specific waiver services.