Gateways Board of
Directors Listing

Atty. James Dietz,

Dianna Mason,
Vice Chairperson

David Eyster,

Angelo Perruzzi,

Darlene Eddinger
Ruthanne Grant
Christine Klika
Barbara Kostelic
Mary Ellen Kovalchik
Michael Leone
Greta Magazzine
John Morvay
Steven Snyder

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Christmas Party 12/13/15

The Maronite Center was the setting for our Christmas party.  Amidst festive decorations and everyone dressed up in their finest outfits, all were treated to a delicious dinner followed by an evening of music and dancing…

Employee Appreciation Day

To thank our awesome employees, Employee Appreciation Day was held on November 18, 2015 at the Maronite Center.  After a delicious dinner with delectable desserts, the employees were treated to an evening of interactive games and a "whodunit" murder mystery!  The evening ended with staff presenting Executive Director Gail Riess with a token of their appreciation.

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Our first visit to the Great Lakes Science Center...

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Gateways Golf Outing...June, 2015

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Miss Gateways Pageant....April, 2015

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Employee Appreciation Day....November 20th, 2014

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